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Starfighter Arduxim
A Fear Of Heights, And Other Things

Game Description

Arduxim Squadron Command (ACS) places you in control of a fleet of starfighters and tasks you with winning a campaign across multiple star systems. The game is split between a tactical combat layer and strategic management layer.

Control elite starfighters during intense space battles in the tactical layer. Between battles move your fleet across the stars in the strategic galaxy view while managing your resources, unlocking new equipment and training your pilots.

Tactical combat plays out in pausable real time with an emphasis on planning and giving orders to your ships while the game world is paused. You have total control over the flow of game time to allow the focus to be on making tactical decisions in a variety of combat situations.

In the strategic game, move your fleet between star systems while managing your ships, equipment and pilots. Pick your battles to give your pilots the best odds of defeating enemy forces.

Company Description

Fulby Technologies is the development studio of Andrew Campbell. A professional C++ software developer, Andrew became interested in VR game development when the Samsung Gear VR was released. He developed and released Starfighter Arduxim for that platform in 2016, also releasing it for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in the same year.


Arduxim Squadron Command is set in the same universe as Starfighter Arduxim but jumps genre from an in-cockpit shooter to fleet-level tactics. The game is also more ambitious in scope - Starfighter Arduxim was developed in eight months while ACS is estimated to take 1-2 years. Development started in Autumn 2017.


  • Pausable real-time combat
  • Fleet-level space tactics
  • Direct individual craft in intense space battles
  • Multiple ships, weapons and systems to deploy
  • Recruit and train unique pilots
  • Fight a diverse range of enemies with different tactics needed to defeat them





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Fulby Technologies allows for the contents of Arduxim Squadron Command to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Arduxim Squadron Command is legally & explicitly allowed by Fulby Technologies.