Starfighter Arduxim


Strap into the cockpit of your Arduxim fighter and take on enemy starships in this first-person tactical space shooter for PC (Monitor), Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR. Navigate through dangerous ice crystal fields, take hyper gates to other systems, take on enormous capital ships and more.


  • A twelve mission story based campaign covering your first tour of duty on the front lines
  • Cross-platform multiplayer to test your skills against other pilots and AI bots
  • Survival/horde challenge mode with online leaderboard
  • Tutorial
  • Practice mode

Starfighter Arduxim requires a gamepad, joystick or HOTAS. Controls are fully customisable.

Store links

Vive/SteamVR Full & Demo

Oculus Rift Full Version
Oculus Rift Demo

Gear VR Full Version
Gear VR Demo

Support link

Arduxim Subreddit