More on marketing

I've spent my recent development time improving the animated gif creation tools for Arduxim Squadron Command. I've added a 'circle gif' which gives a very nice visualisation of the 3D space of the game. Here is a circle gif of the galaxy view, where the player will choose the next campaign to undertake.


I've also added the game's logo to the gifs and still images. This was far more complicated than I expected, I think due to the way I take the gifs and images. They do not just snapshot the display shown to the player, instead they rerender the frame at a custom resolution (640x480 for gifs, 2650x1440 for stills). Positioning the logo on the Unity canvas so it appears in the right place and size simply didn't work using the obvious setup as the canvas was sized to the real (VR) display.

Eventually I got it to work by creating a canvas for the resolutions I wanted and rendering these explicitly over the gif or still image. The end result is a sharply rendered logo which appears exactly how I want it.


In case anyone is wondering, there is an actual game being developed here. It's just that I didn't market Starfighter Arduxim until near launch and want to do better with Arduxim Squadron Command. I'm working towards a vertical slice which will allow myself and play testers to get a feel for the overall game structure If you're interested in play testing subscribe to the mailing list here to be notified when one becomes available.

Currently I have a fair amount working in the tactical layer where combat occurs, as this part reuses a lot of the Starfighter Arduxim code. I'm working from the main menu, through the galaxy view, the campaign view, then to possible a solar system view to finally link to individual combat areas in the tactical layer.