Prototyping The Pneumatic VR Glove

I've recently switched from working on Arduxim Squadron Command to looking again at the pneumatic VR glove concept. I originally worked on this two years ago so it's quite a gap. I wasn't able to continue then due to relying on Lego parts for the structure of the glove, but I've recently bought a 3D printer which has been hugely helpful.

The printer is a Monoprice Maker Select Plus - a fairly low end printer at around £300 but it is doing the job brilliantly and has let me try multiple designs for components of the glove. At the moment I'm still using Lego Technic for the pneumatics but I hope to create 3D printed pistons and valves in future. This is a challenge but I don't think the pneumatic parts need to have perfect seals (and the glove may even work better without that) so 3D printing them may be possible.

Below are some of the designs. The first two images show the compressors I've tried - none have pumped well but each iteration gets better. The rest are the finger joints, in the last images with the piston attached for a manual test.